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My story, Nandhiji-


“As a child, at age five, I was lucky to have experienced a Divine miracle, sitting on top of my Dad's shoulders during a pilgrimage. Our group got lost in the Sabarimalai (South India) trail during the night and we were in state of panic when we heard a tiger’s roar near us. Out of nowhere a glowing figure appeared in front of us and guided us back to the path and as mysteriously as he appeared, he was gone. In later years, as I grew older, I came to know that forest Being as a friend, whom I could call by holding my breath.

Through my years attending boarding school, I struggled with myself as a loner, as in loneliness and as a child unfit in the world. I knew however that I had this Spirit friend. I decided at the age of 15 to write a book titled  "God" but after the first 20 pages I realized that I needed a more direct experience of God and I was not ready to write such a book yet.


At the age of 27, after returning from the UK having completed my MBA and starting a granite exports company with operations in over six countries, I was struck with a huge depression and the thought of imminent death. One day, I heard an inner voice tell me, "I am coming to take you today." That evening upon hearing a knock on my door, I opened the door to see Bhairavasekar Swamy, whom I have never met before. He said, "Lord Siva has sent me to you. You have death before you. I want to take you through death to Lord Siva. Will you come with me?" I eagerly told him, "Swamiji I was waiting all my life for you and this moment- let us go-  where ever you want."

That night through rituals he took me through several of my past deaths where I could see my own karma and dharma and my soul within that I recognized as God.

By the end of all our sacred rituals and meditation, in the early hours of the  morning I realized that my very soul became vast as Lord Siva was abiding in my body as Spirit. I cried out of happiness and joys of being free and being the bliss of Spirit.

After this powerful happening I became a yogi- giving importance and priority to my pilgrimages into the spiritual wilderness of South India, my solitude and my daily discipline of worship.

My external realities of business, family, relationships and everything I once held dear disappeared. From this nothingness and void grew the ancient wisdom of Self and the journey beyond.

I was gifted with the blessings of my Siddhar Gurus, the enlightened Masters who guided me and continue to guide me each moment. I have seven Gurus who share their unique teachings and grace with me.


Now, 24 years later, I realize that I am here as a yogi with the intent- convey consciousness for humanity. Through enterprise, community and teachings, humanity will embrace the path of light as the critical mass of conscious people grows and inhabit this Planet.

I am grateful that destiny brought me to the US, where I am able to see the bigger picture globally and work for the upliftment of consciousness efficiently and for all.


I struggled at age 15 to write a book about the Divine, but later as a yogi it was actually a joyful inspired flow of writing when I was working on my book “Mastery of Consciousness”. My first prayer of intent was, "How will a yogi transform a daily struggle of reality into grand opportunities?" - this led to the creation of one Consciousness Sutra each week based on numerous unique circumstances I had to face and the corresponding meditative solution for them that worked as a yogic technique -  thus the 108 Consciousness Sutras were born.


My experience as a yogi in Los Angeles, taking yoga classes and seeing the 'yoga' here compare to the yoga in India, led me to share my experience, knowledge and wisdom through articles I wrote for LA Yoga Magazine, Elephant Journal and others. These articles go indepth into yoga, consciousness, yet seldom revealed secrets of the mystical pathway of the Siddhars.

I realize that it is doubt and questioning that leads us to the path of truth. I had three awake persons ask me qualitative questions so I could answer them as an interview. This is the interview section of the book.


Lastly, the story behind the array of illumined pictures of the mystical places, moment and the art that I included- After I began my journey as a yogi as a young adult, I did want to physically 'see' God again. Our Guru Ayya's mantra is a manifestation mantra, ie, set an intent and recite the mantra and that which you desire manifests. So I set the desire to see God on my pilgrimage to the sacred mountain Arunachala- and that evening I saw Arunachala as in the splendor of splendor, emitting golden radiance and as GOD. Ever since then, I saw the alignment of perfection as God through my camera lenses, through my paintings and through each moment that I have shared in the form of pictures with you.


I convey the fruits of my life pilgrimage, the wisdom and the grace of my Gurus through my book. “Mastery of Consciousness:Awaken the Inner Prophet" is sacred grace of self-realization, with the inner Guru awake. It is important for each human to have a direct connect to God/ Source/ Infinity so that rich wisdom flows as consciousness for collective goodness for all. When 'awake' we are able to break the limits of the body (physical); the mind as in IQ, negativity and perception; and circumstances. We are able to perceive, ingrain and conceive thoughts from our highest wisdom and transform & create magnificent realities aligned to our heart's purpose.


The book “Mastery of Consciousness” conveys the grace of my Gurus, the blessings of uplifting Consciousness and the gift of genius, inspiration, well-being, fulfillment and the Knowing. ”

To awaken the inner prophet is to be able to wake up to the Guru, or Divine teacher, that exists within each of us as higher consciousness. It is to be able to cultivate not just spirituality, but an intimate connection to the Source of life that is eternal, all knowing and very much alive in every cell of the body.  It is only in recognizing and cultivating our own inner Divinity, that we can then spread it out to the world around us and thereby affect not just our own lives, but life on the planet itself.


The wisdom behind Mastery of Consciousness comes from an unbroken lineage of Siddhar Gurus, who for thousands of years, have used yogic techniques and wisdom to “journey beyond enlightenment” – to allow them to go beyond the limits of the body and mind. The Siddhars are the mystics of the 'other' spiritual India relatively unknown to the outside world. Though their teachings have seldom been overtly revealed, they are at the root of the yogic wisdom that is familiar within the mainstream traditional India.


Nandhiji has condensed the esoteric wisdom of the Siddhars into several programs that Westerners can relate to in practicality. These teachings of heart wisdom can be easily incorporated into our daily yoga and/or spiritual practice, with the core intent being to attain a life of freedom, purpose, inspiration, health and inner wisdom for practical living.


While the teachings provide both technique and spiritual depth so that as individuals can grow and improve their lives, it also calls to them, through powerfully poetic declarations to “Be Siva. Be the Prophet,”  that Siva, that the prophet, actually resides within them. When people awaken to their true Divine nature, they can overcome the baggage of life in a body, the limits of body and mind, and make a genuine difference everywhere, both within and without. It is a deep, organic difference that gets reflected, not just in their own individual lives, but every single aspect of life around them. When consciousness spreads among individuals, then collectively the world can truly change.


Nandhiji’s message is, “Awaken the inner lamp of wisdom and self-mastery, which has the power through joy to birth Genius.”


Nandhiji envisions a humanity of ‘Consciousness in Action’ and a Planet Earth of compassion through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.



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