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Scent of Samadhi


Yogi's herbal perfume! Scent of Samadhi has consistently topped sales in yoga studios, spas, acupuncture centers and conscious stores. Link:  Wholesale Page

Music &  Recorded Media Products


Turiya Nada- debut album "Cave of the Siddhars": Ideal for yoga studios, meditation centers, spas/massage therapists and conscious stores! Rated by Conscious Multi Media Database as having broken the known limits to spiritual energies at above 1000(calibrations above 500 heals, above 800 enlightens), Cave of the Siddhars does change your inner and outer world!
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Turiya Nada- Invoke the Masters- 2 CD set. Special features:
Powerful secretive Siddhar mantras; experience of the inner aum; and 'VaSi', the yogic breath. CD Two- Live recordings of Siddhar Rajaswamy invoke the Masters at an auspicious time in Mahalingamalai- full length.
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SivaSivaa- An initiation into the powerful Siddhar mantras- with advanced yogic techniques of breath, visualization and step by step guidance. Harness the awakening energies of an empowered meditative journey that will transform your inner and outer world.
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Copper Cups: Yogis have revered copper as an ideal container to positively charge water before drinking it. The yogis would carry water in their copper pot called 'kamandalam'.  In traditional households in India, copper drinking cups such as the ones offered here is still used. We now offer these traditional cups called in South India "tumblers" to you!

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Yoga Art:
Minimum order- 3 Plak Print Paintings
Process: Two options:
Option A: Just purchase 3 or more paintings!: Please go through the Art Gallery Visions Beyond Enlightenment Art Gallery.  and choose the paintings and email us with your contact us by phone (310-451 7377) or email (info@sensitiveplanet.com )
Option B: Utilize your space and sell art with minimum stock-  Visions Beyond Enlightenment



What is special about these 8MM 108 Mala Rudraksha beads offered on Sensitive Planet? 
~ Made by our reliable manufacturer in India
~ Strong thread knotted in traditional style for long life
~ 5 Mukhi (5 faces) of each bead in the Mala symbolizes peace, harmony, enlightenment and wellbeing.
~ Each Mala is further empowered by a sacred puja (a worship ritual) in India and in Santa Monica by Ariven Turiya Sakti Temple.
~ Quality Rudraksha beads.

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