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Scent of Samadhi


Our wholesale prices are open to all as long as you buy in wholesale quantities


 12 units of Scent of Samadhi ($17 each)

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 24 units of Scent of Samadhi ($15.50 each)

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 60 units of Scent of Samadhi ($14 each)

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 120 units of Scent of Samadhi ($12.50 each)

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For units more than 120, contact us


Scent of Samadhi is a unique and exclusive product that we distribute.  We are happy to provide you wholesale quantities at special rates.


Our wholesale customers are:


- Yoga Studios
- Spas and Massage Therapists
- Acupuncturists/ Chinese Medicine
- Tantric Practitioners
- Holistic Healers
- Others- Gyms, Pilate Studios, Health Retreats etc.
- Aroma and essential oil retailers


What you get for your wholesale orders:

- One free tester for every 12 units of scent of Samadhi (on all orders)

- Upon request: Vendor's Kit CD containing image for poster, stand up literature etc.
- Free shipping for 60 or more units of Scent of Samadhi
- Promo Offer!  Create a market using our sample cards! Free sample cards for your wholesale order are included in your order. You know your local area- spas, yoga studios, gyms etc. Stick your sticker behind the card and let everyone experience Scent of Samadhi. Our 'strike rate', i.e, the number of persons who buy the product after experiencing the Scent of Samadhi is over 33%. This sample card offer will enable you to sell in quantities quickly and help you establish your distribution network.


yoga product scent of samadhi
Ingredients: All natural ingredients which include red sandalwood, clove oil, tulsi and a secret blend of proprietary herbs.

There are no colors, chemicals or animal products in Scent of Samadhi.

How our sari pouches are made: The attractive sari pouches made by a community of single women and the physically challenged. free scent of samadhi

Sample Cards: Scent of Samadhi is truly an essence of abundance to retailers and wholesalers. If you are a retailer or plan to retail our sacred fragrance, we have a special time limited offer of free Promotional Sample Insert Cards to help you sell effortlessly and create an inspired market.


Click Here to buy Scent of Samadhi Sample cards 


Our Sample Card: contains a small pinch of Scent of Samadhi for 2-3 uses.
free scent of samadhi sample

free sample of scemt of samadhi



plus 1 free tester & 8 sample cards
Price:   $204.00
plus 2 free testers & 16 sample cards
Price:   $372.00
- Distributor 1/ free shipping +4 testers + 30 sample cards
Price:   $840.00
Distributor 2/ free shipping + 5 testers+ 50 sample cards
Price:   $1,500.00
Cost includes free shipping within USA
Price:   $45.00
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