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Adi Bose (Tapasyogi Nandhi), Founder

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Vannakam! Namaste!

Sensitive Planet is 'the enlightening marketplace' as we seek to bridge the yogic wisdom of Sages through products and services which support our lifestyle and achievements, while reducing stress in today's dynamic social and work environments. We focus on products which enhance higher consciousness, wellbeing, harmony and healing through ancient wisdom.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you! Each transaction here is a dharma you are contributing to. Gratitude!

We support the Vision of our Ariven Community, a California based 501[c](3) non profit organization through percentage of Sensitive Planet Inc sales. The Ariven Vision is the creation of global sanctuaries for retired animals that would otherwise end up in slaughterhouses. Ariven Vision seeks to address global warming with earth friendly alternatives, abundant sharing to eliminate hunger and a healthy vegetarian lifestyle through compassion in action. Its debut project is Amma Sanctuary, located in South India. www.ariven.org
All sari pouches made for our Scent of Samadhi herbal fragrance from South India are made by disadvantaged women in India, so your purchase helps where it is most needed.