Our Vision:

Amma Sanctuary, the debut project of Ariven Community IHC, non-profit 501[c](3) 

You can make all the difference! The Ariven Vision is of common sense & action for us to enact basic compassion & dharma on global scales.
The sanctuary is for retired cows and oxen that are saved from slaughterhouses and cared for in large numbers- in tens of thousands. We call our aged senior animals- Animal Elders. We will take care of our aged animals with love and abundance until their last days.
"What is virtuous conduct? It is never destroying life, for killing leads to every other sin. Of all virtues summed by ancient sages, the foremost are to share one's food and to protect all living creatures".
-Tirukkural 33: 321-322, Spiritual Poetry of a Tamil Saint, Siddhar Thiruvalluvar
We will develop on a vast reclaimed land of 1000+ acres, an organic farm in South India, near the Pothigai Hills.  25% of the vegetarian farm produce will be for feeding the needy. We will feed the hungry intelligent vegetarian food.
"Great indeed is the power acquired through austerity to endure hunger. But greater still is the power of those who relieve the hunger of others."
-Tirukkural 23:225, Spiritual Poetry of a Tamil Saint, Siddhar Thiruvalluvar
The by products of wastes from elderly animals provides us with- clean electricity generated from the methane of the dung; substitute for firewood- dry dung sticks etc.
We will create 'super-manure' with the dung. With over 5000 retired animals we will be the backbone to organic agriculture that supports large agricultural  lands. We create thousands of bio-dynamic fertile land to produce healthy clean agriculture.  The organic farming and the produce helps Mother Earth and the health of a sizeable population. 
Bring together the wisdom of an ancient vegetarian society of India and the modern information and science to grow 'intelligent' vegetarian food. We expect to have similar sanctuary farms even in countries like Saudi Arabia and China, with emphasis on organic agriculture and intelligent vegetarian produce- let our vegetarian food spread the message of compassion through good health and an alternative life style.
We will have our own YOGA VILLAGE in Amma Sanctuary as a holistic living center, 'home' grown food and ayurvedic/siddha herbs and a yoga retreat that incorporates the real India of Saddhus. With all the Light Beings like you coming together, ours will be a spiritual family within each sanctuary and an online.


Based on the Siddhar traditions, the theme with the center being a Temple of Light and surrounded by Goddesses of all cultures around the world to represent the collective womb of humanity. There will be a Spiritual Grove of sacred trees planted by all the living saints and Arivens. The living saints whom we will approach to bless the seeds will be nominated by Ariven members. Lets start nominating!


Strategic Objectives of Ariven Community:

 Build our first prototype project, Amma Sanctuary that is multi-faceted and aligned operations of each strategic action within.
 Develop & bring together a global community.
  Position ourselves to launch hundreds of similar projects around the world by ourselves, with partnerships and strategic alliances.
 Bring together our collective intelligence as a community to enable the momentum of our work.
  Create the infrastructure to utilize and generate abundant resources.