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Mystical Yoga Art Offer


If you have a sacred space that needs an empowering Art, we highly recommend this offer to you.
The Art is an attractive plak print that is ready to hang, mounted on wood, weather proof, textured finish on 1 inch box frame.
The Art of your choice will be like a sample art on your wall. Should anyone show interest in the art, you will show our catalogue, take the order and send us your order for us to ship directly to your customer.
The painting on your wall does not move!

 The art is from the gallery- "Visions Beyond Enlightenment". The artist Tapasyogi Adiyen Nandhi is a Siddhar yogi from India. The paintings emanate immense energies of healing, guidance and inspiration as they are drawn after long intense meditation.
To choose your painting, see what the 'plak' is about and for more info, please visit
Visions Beyond Enlightenment Art Gallery. 

What you will receive:
- One or as many Display Special Art plaks of size 24 X 18 inches attractive plak, ready to hang art. Actual value- $475 +  A folder of high quality print entire art collection of value $420 + Brochures with details of each art and ordering directions

Your Special Display Art rate:- $150 for each piece (includes shipping cost within USA).


With minimum one time investment, enhance divine visual energies in your premises, offer them to your customers and in the process join hands to participate in a charity/dharma project Amma Sanctuary!

-We offer you a special price for one or as many paintings of your choice. 

- Our special Display Art Deal Price is 70% off on retail price with free shipping within USA.

 This is on the condition/ your promise-  you will utilize this specially discounted painting for the purpose of display in your sacred space.

- Your wholesale rate is 50% of the painting value. When a customer shows interest in any one of the paintings, you will show your customer a brochure offering the entire art collection.

-The customers pays you 100% of the art value to confirm the order . You email your order or call us, making the payment of 50% of the value of the art by credit card.

- We will ensure the shipping in 14 days and the customer's satisfaction. You will make 40% of the value of the painting.

- You are achieving dharma in this act as we commit our resources that we are building up for a project of giant compassion and larger giving, Amma Sanctuary. For more on this project, please click this link!

- All you will need to do is select the paintings that appeal to you most and email the names of the chosen paintings to Adi or Prateeka at info@sensitiveplanet.com.

- You will receive a folder of all art prints along with- brochures, order forms and two agreements (For you to sign. You will keep one and send one to us).

-So we end up, all being happy. Especially the greater end of beautiful energies we intend with our resources and the creative divine joys we enable in the marketplace of abundance!

Step One: Select the Art by going to the art gallery- Visions Beyond Enlightenment Art Gallery. 
Step Two:
Email us the paintings of your choice-
info@sensitiveplanet.com and receive agreement of understanding.
Step Three:  Make the payment and have the paintings shipped to your premises.
Step Four: Everyone is happy. Space is well utilized. Abundance flows as momentum for goodness is generated.



The print is mounted on 1/4 inch wood, laminated, textured to look like an original and set on a 1 inch box frame. Hand signed narrative included. 
18" x 24"- $299, packing+ shipping inclusive*

How it will look:
Section Diagram

Colorbox - Image mounted on 1/4? board with beveled edge which is laid on top of a 1? back frame


18" x 24"- $540; mounted on 1 inch wood frame, laminated, textured to look like an original and set on a 1 inch box frame. ready to hang; packing+ shipping inclusive

*Please email us for international shipping rates-