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Cave of the Siddhars 
debut album by TURIYA NADA



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Enlightening resonance from the mystical roots of India.

For thousands of years, the sacred wisdom was transferred through the resonance of mantra chants  as the most empowered "Shaktipat" awakening energies. Enjoy the music and the blessings of the Sages!

Siddhars represent the 'other India'. As yogis journeying beyond enlightenment, after discarding organizational beliefs for direct experience, the Siddhars  connect to the ancient lineage of Light. The potent, secretive wisdom of thousands of years was passed through resonance. Cave of the Siddhars represents the ancient blessings of consciousness through its uplifting resonance music.

Cave of the Siddhars conveys the immense blessings of the Tapasyogis (the Sages who are in deep meditation) through the chants of intense enlightening, empowering, meditative music as blessings.This uplifting music masterly composed with digeridoo, harp, percussions, flute and other instruments is an inner journey to the awake experience.

Cave of the Siddhars tested through kinesiology has proven to be healing and enlightening.

The ancient resonance is the gift of awakening from the Sages to humanity in all the joys of Oneness.

Story of Ayya, the yogi who inspired Turiya Nada:  the inspiration behind Turiya Nada
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yoga and meditation music

Sage Ayya meditated in a cave on the Thiruvannamalai mountain, South India- for over 18 years drinking just a glass of milk a day- in the sleepless sleep state called Turiya. This album was inspired by Him.

Chants by Tapasyogi Nandhi: About Nandhi
cave of the siddhars

  "AWAKEN THE MASTER" Track One: Dance of the Siddhars. Sit back. Relax. Inhale gently from the root chakra. Allow the Mother Kundalini joys to sway you from within, clockwise.

About Turiya Nada- Cave of the Siddhars is the sacred transmission of powerful and potent mantras and meditative energies that have been passed  down through an ancient lineage of enlightened Sages, the Siddhars of South India.  Accompanied by the didgeridoo, harp, singing bowls, djembe, udu, gongs, flute and other instruments, each track of Turiya Nada 's Cave of the Siddhars will take you on a mystical spiritual journey that will both delight and transform you!

The Ultimate Consciousness Music! Cave of the Siddhars has calibrated at the level of enlightenment on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.

- Combines powerful Siddhar mantra chants of the enlightened yogis of South India with the didgeridoo, harp and percussion.
- Chants that have secretive and hidden for thousands of years even in most of India.
- CD includes 12 page booklet including the chants and an insight into the mystical yogi traditions.
- Enhance the depth, intensity and intent of your yoga & meditation.
- Transform your inner and outer world by simply listening and enjoying Source energies!

About the Siddhar Sages:
The Siddhars are enlightened Sages who journey beyond the realms of the limited mind state. They are in the state of higher consciousness that is beyond sleep, dream and wake. It is this divine state called Turiya that they sing and chant and dance in the higher resonance with sublime bliss.


About Nandhi: Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Nandhi is a visionary, a yogi, an artist and a musician. He was born and raised in South India. After nearly two decades of rigorous yogic training and meditative practice under the guiding influence of several enlightened masters who are from the lineage of the Siddhars. From them, he learned the secret wisdom of an unbroken lineage of several thousand years of tradition. Nandhi was initiated into advanced yogic practices of Kalangi Yoga that are seldom known outside the Siddhar initiates circle.

Chants by Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi



Turiya Nada is suitable for:


Yoga and meditation- Ideal for a deep plunge within! It is a journey within through each chakra, finally opening the Third Eye, the Ajna chakra. Due to the powerful subtle energy and higher vibration in Cave of the Siddhars, it is natural to experience an extremely deep meditation and yoga practice. In yoga studios- track 3 & 4 for savasana, the final relaxation during yoga.

Manifestation of intentions- Siddhar chants manifest. The state of higher consciousness, Turiya, which is beyond the states of sleep, dream and wakefulness  is the zone of manifestation. Listening to Turiya Nada will bring to play the divine energies of manifestation.  (Track 3 and 4)

Before sleeping- the music is meant to take the listener into the womb of the universe, the divine Source. Cave of the Siddhars has the vital component of Yoga Nidra, i.e. the ability to calm the mind and transform the mood to that of harmony and divine bliss. It is natural to sleep deeply when our mind is surrendered to the Source. (Track 3 and 4)

Home- The divine vibration of the Sages brings to our daily lives the gift of tranquility, love, integrity, inspiration, harmony and divine protection. This resonance is ideal for home... just listening wherever we are or simply allowing the hyper-positive vibrations to bring in its  goodness!

Also- Tantra, Massage, Bodywork, Acupuncture, Tai-Chi, Creative Work and Esoteric Healing. (All tracks) Turiya Nada intends to take the listener through layers of our present limitations into the vast realms of divine energy.



Listen to Sample tracks

Track One:

Dance of the Siddhars-The awakening!


Awaken the primal desire to unite! Call of ancient Master of Light within ourselves.

To listen, please click the dove!

Track Two:

Siddha Joy- Awaken the Goddess


Invoke Mother Kundalini as "Sarva", the cosmic oneness "Mangala", auspicious presence.

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Track Three:

Siddha Intensity- Journey through the awakened chakras as in joys as flame in union.

Climbing above to the peak.  Ascend climbing  above to Be!

To listen, please click the dove!


 Track Four:

Cave of the Siddhars- The infinite joys of being One. At the peak.

Joys of the sacred union -the inner throb, the primal nada beyond the mantra resonance. Enjoy the  ancient meditative grace that flows with our joy!

To listen, please click the dove!


Reviews/ feedbacks received for Cave of the Siddhars


More feedbacks/ reviews

"Turiya Nada CAVE OF THE SIDDHARS is an album that you cannot simply read about- you need to hear it to understand the power it possesses. It is especially well suited for those times when you have the time and space to totally immerse yourself in its healing energy and absorb all that is being presented." - Music Design Review Dec 2005

 "I received these Gifts yesterday and am transformed in a still and  resonant place. On my first listening, I entered "moved" - I have been on a  spiritual path and exploration for many years, but this Experience is beyond  language- into a space both inward and outward. I felt and saw a flame ignite  (and I had no expectations, wanting to listen before I read the CD cover in  detail, as I was drawn/called to do so.) Before this my experience became pure Light, beyond yet inclusive of the body. The calls of Siddhar Rajaswamy brought  me back to this plane. I have listened several more times, and am listening now.
 Thank you for sharing this Blessed Gift. I have no words to express my
Gratitude  and Experience." JoAnne Scalise, Minneapolis

" Words cannot explain the beauty that emanates from the Cave Of The Siddhars. It sends a cool feeling up my spine every time I listen. Much thank and love to Ayya, Nandhi, Cofe! Om Namah Sivaya! Everyone who witnessed the sound including friends agreed the the organization was one of a kind and the sound divine. 
My Muslim friend heard the CD and begins to perform Salat. One brother told me it was the most unique chanting to ever touch his ears! 
    Inspired by Turiya Nada "Cave of the Siddhars":
                Sounds of heavenly bliss
                Vibrations that manifest It
                Love of the heart and devotion
                Sounds that bring the devotee one with the ocean
                An ocean of peace an ocean of joy
                The possibilities of reaching the Void.
                 A void that‚Äôs infinite and sweet
                 A void that that‚Äôs not empty but beyond deep
                 An existence that goes beyond imagination
                 A chant from Nandhi and sounds from Cofe
                 Sends the heart racing
                 Turiya Nada my soul embracing
                 Back to the oneness and there is no ending
                 I called on the Guru and and She took me beyond beginning,     Om Shanthi "-
Yonah Bey, Georgia

More feedbacks/ reviews




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