Shakti Shots - Coffee Spice Elixir

Coffee Ayurvedic Alternative

Shakti Shots is a spice extract from the Ayurvedic tradition that not only antidotes some of the harsh effects of caffeine (including stomach irritation and de-hydration) but also gives you the added benefits of high quality organic CO2 extracted spices. Just add 3 drops to one shot of Shakti Shots into any cup of coffee. You will create an exotic and smooth cup with all of the "buzz," but none of the "sting" with Shakti Shots.

Ingredients: CO2 extracts of clove, cardamom, cassia (cinnamon), star anise, glycerin-based extract of almond, rosemary CO2 extract.

30ml (1oz) bottle makes approx. 150 cups of coffee

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Cost: $19.50

Shakti Shots - Coffee Spice Elixir
Price:   $19.50