Siddhar Yantiram:
Empowered Mystic Power Symbols
- Wall hangings that are handmade with meditative prayers
- Energize your space with the Siddhar blessings
- Each Yantiram has the grace of beauty & the wisdom of the Sages invoked

 Empowered through enlightened energies & prayers over thousands of years, these symbols of Tamil Tantiram represent the intense wisdom & blessings. The Tamil AUM for instance is an ancient pre-vedic symbol of the Cosmic Womb. The Six Pointed Star is the Spirit triangle & the Goddess of Reality triangle coming together to represent the awake grace- humanity's spiritual history of Oneness before Prophet Moses.


The Artist:
Tapasyogini Suryadasi Devi

Tapasyogini Suryadasi Devi did her deep meditative and spiritual practice with the Siddhar teachings for several years. She utilizes henna, that has been used for thousands of years as sacred body art. Henna & wood represent Mother Earth which holds the energies of Suryadasi's inspired creations.


What is a Yantiram: Yantra / Yantiram is the geometric & symbolic representation of the Divine. It is used in healing, protective energies, manifestation, and any intent each Yantiram uniquely posses. Yantiram is used by the yogi to focus and to represent the Divinity.

About the Siddhar Yantiram: Each  divine art is unique and handmade with deep devotion. They are handmade by Suryadasi utilizing henna.

Siddhar Symbols are potent representations of the Divine Energy as they are empowered through several thousands of years tapas, the single focus of yogis, rishis and beings of higher consciousness.

Each Siddhar Yantiram represents a particular energy that flows abundantly.

Size: 7 x 9 inches
LORD GANESA: Blessings of a successful journey. Lord Ganesa dissolves obstacles that stand in our inner and outer journeys.
May Lord Ganesa be the blessed presence with each breath to empower each thought.

Lord Ganesa Yantra Yantiram


 May Lord Ganesa be the blessed presence with each breath to empower each thought.

Auspicious Beginnings
: Blessed Journeys
: Abundant Realities
: Transformation of mundane to divine
: Protector
: Inner knowledge & guidance.

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Lord Muruga: The Six-Pointed Star symbol is humanity's very old representation of Divinity that we are One when awake. When awake, we are the Son/Daughter of God/Source. Lord Muruga is the experience of the Spirit in the human reality- the essence of the Third Eye.
About the Muruga Six Pointed Star: Said to be one of humanity's oldest symbol of Divinity representing humanity as Oneness. The Triangle facing below is the Goddess, our human realities. The Triangle facing upwards is the Spirit, Lord Siva.

Lord Muruga Yantra Yantiram



:  Dynamic enterprise of success & inspiration.
: Victory over karma
: Thought to reality manifestation
: The awakening energies of enlightenment.
: Instant evolution and Self knowledge
: Awakens the genius of creativity and work.

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Goddess Kundalini: As the alight fire awakened by Source, this inner fire is the rare blessings we receive after several lifetimes of search.
Mother Kundalini represent the awake energies of the Soul (Lord Siva), the potent genius of the mind (Lord Vishnu)  and the immense powers to transcend (Goddess Sakti).

Goddess Kundalini Yantra Yantiram


: Protective energies of Source
: Transformation of our human and spiritual realities
: Enlightenment

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Guru's Grace: In our journey towards light, every step begins with gratitude to the Guru. This grace is called Guru Kadaksham- when the mediocre mind is transformed to that of a Sage.

Guru's Grace entails not just inner and external guidance but also the dissolution of our karmic patterns that keep us tied to causing more negative karma. The Guru is also the higher conscious mind.

 Guru Yantra Yantiram

: Each thought be of higher consciousness and Source aligned.
: Grace, guidance and protection through the inner journey.
: The blessings of the lineage of Gurus as tapas (meditative energies).
: Guru is the awake mind that represents spiritual & material abundance.

Cost $54 + shipping