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 "Puja" is to invoke with intent, a Divine facet or all of Divine Oneness through mantras. The puja forms an important daily routine to a seeker/yogi- the ritual to unite with Source with the mind.
We offer a few essentials to do a puja below.

Article on the Siddhars and the art of empowered worshipping as a puja ritual Click here.

Sacred Lamp Having a Lamp on your altar and alighting the Lamp atleast once a day enables the precious surrendering of  the 24 hours of each day to Source. Connecting to Source and the innumerable forms and the formless attributes of Source through the sacred fire has been the core of nearly all religious beliefs around the world. Our negative karmic patterns are destroyed and our thoughts are directed towards purity, love and light with finding our inner most center that is set alight once a day.

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Sesame Oil for the Lamp

Sesame oil is also called 'gingelly oil' . Considered to be sacred and ideal for the Lamp, sesame oil is used in most temples in India. The nature of sesame oil is "Satvic", meaning pure. Sesame oil lamp fire has reduced soot while burning.

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Camphor is an important part of the puja. Camphor leaves little traces as it burns up and this nature of surrender of all to Source makes camphor fire a sacred offering. In traditional pujas, the final act of worship, aarati,  is the waving of a camphor fire over the deity, to symbolize the grace of our inner fire awakening. Ideally, camphor is great to get started the fire in yagna /havan /dhuni and also as offerings into the fire by the worshippers.

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This is an inner journey which lifts the mind, sets alight the inner fire and connects you to the Siddhars, the yogi masters of higher consciousness. SivaSivaa is the ancient empowered teachings of the breath & advanced yogic techniques and initiation into mystical mantras of the Siddhar Sages. Alight your inner Lamp, and journey within to be the Ancient Presence.

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Rudraksha Mala 108 Beads Make your chant and meditation potent! 108 is a number that completes to be whole. When we recite any mantra with full intent to be in the Now moment, we invoke the specific dimension of Source present in the mantra.

When we sit near a saint or do a pilgrimage, all energies are absorbed with the mala as we recite the connecting mantra 108 times..

When ever we say our mantra with our sacred 108 beads mala, we are converging all powers of the past and future into the Now. So when we wear this precious energy around our neck, we carry the vibrant mantra energies of Spirit.

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[Blessed in Thiruvannamalai]  Cotton Saffron Cloth:
Prime Uses:
- As Turban for enhanced meditation - As Dhoti, a meditation wear
- As a shawl
- As a energy seat
Saffron is a spiritual color. Wearing saffron lifts the mind and our mental vibrations to the golden light. Saffron stimulates the kundalini fire.

These cotton saffron are specially long to suit as turban and as a meditation shawl.  Comes with instructions as to how to make a turban.


puja item, saffron turban
As recommended in all religions, covering the head by enhancing our meditation by bringing focus & concentration.
meditation supplies, puja supplies, turban, shawl, saffron, dhoti The most ideal meditation wear is a saffron cloth since it is extremely comfortable and most suitable for sitting in crossed leg position.

Also an effective shawl to keep the body temperature stable while meditating.

As an energy seat to sit on while meditating, saffron insulates distractive energies of earth while assisting in the vibrations of the meditator.


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Scent of Samadhi


Scent of Samadhi is an all natural, herbal deodorant/ perfume/ body incense of the yogis that takes the mind and senses inward to experience Spirit. Sandalwood essence is one of the main ingredient. Ideal to wear before meditating, doing yoga/tai chi/ qi gong etc, including dancing, massage and simple walk or car drive!

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Special Yantras


How best to represent Source that is nameless, formless and beyond thought other than expressing Source in perfection using geometry where each facet of Source is expressed?

Yantras brings the grace of the Divine facet it represents. Ideal for enhanced Source energy that is activated. Used as a focus, the perceived, perception and the perceiver become One, thereby allowing Source energy to flow through our human reality!

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Copper Cup Having water on the altar has two purpose- to represent the element of water that also is our human realities and to ground our meditative fires, i.e, to allow the energies of being Spirit flow through our human realities. Traditionally, copper utensils have been the norm in containing water on the altar since copper as a metal has been noted for its energizing properties and its use has been considered sacred.
copper cup for drinking How to:

Fill the copper cup with water every day before your puja/meditation/yoga.

Representing the sacred element that nourishes our human realities, relationships and wellbeing, having water on your altar allows the 'grounding' of our spiritual pursuit as harmony, peace and abundance.


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Havan Samagiri: for yagna/sacred fire offerings.
puja supplies, yagna offerings, fragrant herbs for sacred fire


Ingredients: Black til, Jo, 32 types of dhoop, Bhimseni kapoor, rose petals, sandalwood powder, lobaan, ghee, Agarbatti, sandalwood, tumeric & other fragrant natural powders

Purpose: Used as an offering made to the sacred fire/yagna. Fire is represented as the mouth of all divinities- the universal energy. At the end of the mantra /sloka /intent , say "swaha" and offer into the sacred fire.  Could also be used as sacred smoke to clear energies in the surrounding- by putting the Havan Samagiri on hot coal. The fragrant smoke that emanates represents divine facets of energies contained in each of the herb.

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Article on the Siddhars and the art of empowered worshipping as a puja ritual

Camphor for Puja/ Sacred Fire/Yagna/Dhuni/Havan/Ceremony (1)

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Sesame Oil for Cooking, Puja/Altar Lamp & Massage

Yantras in Meditation connects to the divine

Arakara manifestation yantra + SivaSivaa CD Set + Free New Release: ARAKARA CD
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Camphor: 1 box
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Heart's lamp!
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Picture of Ayya: Laminated 10"x 8" + 1 Scent of Samadhi + 1 Cave of the Siddhars CD ?+ 1 Invoke the Masters CD + 1 SivaSivaa CD/Meditation Set + 1 Lamp of the Awake + 1 Rudraksha 108 Beads Mala 8mm Total Retail price: $255.74 + Blessed Sacred Ash/Vermillion Special Gift rate: $210
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Saffron Turban/Shawl/Dhoti from Thiruvannamalai
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Ideal as turban & dhoti & shawl: meditation essentials
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